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These Toupee Transformations Are Going Viral

"...the hairpieces are so convincing because they are made with actual, 100 percent human hair and custom made for the customer. Plus, they can be worn for six weeks at a time. There is no need to remove it every night like a lace-front wig. Instead, the wearer of the toupee can go about their daily life with it on, showering, swimming, and even working out."

Devon Abelman, Beauty Editor,

This Brand Is Bringing Toupees Back, But In A Cool Way.

"...Yes, really."

Leigh Campbell, Huffington Post

Guys are wigging out for these believable hairpieces.

"...Quiff & Co. is a non-surgical hair company for men suffering from male pattern baldness. The brand was founded by Antony Llewellyn and Stevie Carter Harris, a gay couple from England. Their most popular style takes after the “quiff” hairdo seen on celebrities such as David Beckham, Zac Efron and Justin Bieber."

Two buddies invented a customizable hairpiece for guys suffering from hair loss.

"...each hair piece is made with at least 11,000 strands, which are all hand sewn.  The hair can be worn up to 6 weeks at a time. Each piece is waterproof, allowing you to swim with a full head of hair."

Caroline Aghajanian, Business Insider


Can I order If i'm not in the UK?

Absolutely! We have helped thousands of international clients with hair replacement. We would recommend booking a virtual consultation with one of our experts who can talk you through the process. You can book a consultation here.

Can I shower or swim wearing Quiff Hair?

Yes! One thing we were passionate about was being able to do normal things while wearing our hair. If however, you're kind of a big deal in the swimming pool and swim excessively then we would advise a more regular re-groom.

How long can I wear Quiff Hair Replacement for?

Unlike a wig, our hair does not spend the night on a hat stand, once attached you can wear up to 6 weeks at a time. We do however, recommend removing every 3-4 weeks for a re-groom (clean). Your consultant will take you through this process. 

How long do they last?

Definitely one of our most asked questions and can vary between each wearer! The average lifespan of a bespoke piece is 3-6 months before a replacement is needed.

Depending on how well they are cared for some clients have made them last up to a year. 🤯

Hair By Quiff® (ready to ship units) have a similar lifespan as long as the base is not altered, as soon as alterations are made (cut to size) the lifespan will shorten to around 3 months.

Will it ever fall off?

No! As long as you replace our skin safe adhesive as instructed every 2-4 weeks, the hair will be securely fixed and won't come off without using the Super Safe Scalp release spray.

If you're extremely active, edges can begin to lift slightly. No Problem, you can simply re-touch any lifting by adding a small amount of Hair Glue® in between re-grooms.

How do I clean it in? (Re-groom)

We advise on average that you remove the hair to clean and replace the adhesive every 2-4 weeks.

Depending on your lifestyle, more active hair wearers may want to re-groom more frequently.

In between your re-grooms, you can shower as normal. Combing through conditioner is advised to keep the hair fresh with occasional shampooing.

We also advise using a leave-in conditioning spray to supply moisture throughout the lifespan of the hair.

Please note: We advise you do not scrub the hair in the shower as can cause unnecessary matting.

Meet The Founders

Hi! 👋 We are Stevie & Ant, the founders of Quiff & Co.

Crikey, what a journey it's been since broke the internet in 2017. We've been developing and refining our products and services for over 5 years now. Helping men regain hair and most importantly their confidence.



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